15 Common Signs You Might Be About to Relapse

With the summer holidays upon us this can be a dangerous time of year for many addicts, a change of environment and routine can make it difficult to make time for yourself and continue working on your recovery. Here is a list of some common signs which might signify your are about to relapse and act as a warning signal that you should seek support.

The best way to work through the list is to give specific examples of each, either in the past or present and think about the points which you identify with.

Signs You Might Be About to Relapse

1) Frequent tiredness due to your lifestyle, work or physically.
2) Dishonesty – Small mistruths and lies, making up excuses.
3) Impatience – When things do not happen at the speed you would like and others do not do what you think they ‘should’ be doing.
4) Argumentativeness – Constant and forceful discussion over small details of points of view, including about drugs, games or any other addiction.
5) Depression – Feeling unreasonably desperate.
6) Frustration – With people of places which you cannot enjoy.
7) Self-pity – Why did this have to happen to me? Why am I like this?
8) Overconfidence – Believing that you have achieved everything possible and not respecting your illness, placing yourself in risky situations.
9) Complacency – Thinking that everything is ok, forgetting the past and negative consequences.
10) Hoping for too much from others – If I’ve changed why hasn’t everybody else?
11) Using another substance or behaviour which affect your state of mind which are different to your original addiction (cross-addiction).
12) Very high personal expectations – Aiming for goals which require a lot of effort and time, “happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have”.
13) Forgetting who you become when you consume or permit your character defects, neglecting to be thankful just for today.
14) Blaming yourself when you do not achieve a change.
15) Thinking that the substance or behaviour is a reward, which you deserve or need at certain points in time.

If you identify with these danger signs and need some extra help and support to prevent a relapse, contact us at Marbella Recovery and we will be happy to help.