Online Therapy

“Addiction never rests, recovery shouldn’t either”

Online therapies. The most effective method for the current situation.

At Marbella Recovery, we have been offering online therapy services for users who do not live in our area and therefore cannot attend the therapies in person. However, now, with the new situation posed by the Covid 19 crisis, we have migrated all our therapies to an online platform that allows us, with the least possible incidence, to meet the needs of our clients while this crisis lasts.

As soon as the situation allows it, and for those people who normally came to our center, we will return to face-to-face therapies. We have been able to observe that the audio / video quality of available commercial platforms is very acceptable, so it is our intention to develop our online capacity to be able to offer a quality service to clients who are in other places, both national and foreign.

Online addiction treatments

Online alcoholism rehabilitation

Follow a cognitive / behavioral treatment for alcohol addiction rehabilitation completely online.

Online heroin rehab

Contingency control and cognitive behavioral therapy for heroin use disorder in online mode.

Online marijuana rehabilitation

Our treatment for marijuana addiction uses the Minnesota approach, which consists of abstinence, cognitive behavioral treatment and online therapies.

Online cocaine rehab

Professionals for cognitive behavioral treatment with reinforcement of 12-step groups for cocaine addiction recovery in online therapies.

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