Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol rehab in Marbella

An alcohol use disorder is one that produces anguish and physical and emotional damage in the person. The person in these circumstances:

– Drink compulsively
– You cannot control how much you drink
– You feel anxious, irritable and / or stressed when you are not drinking

People with alcoholism or alcohol abuse can find help through treatment. This includes medical treatment in some cases and psychotherapeutic treatment. At MR we follow the Minnesota model whereby the person requesting help receives information about the disease they have developed, follows a cognitive / behavioral treatment and relies on the self-help network of 12-step groups for effective maintenance once you have finished your treatment.

Alcohol detox and rehab center Marbella

In MR, group, individual and family therapies are carried out, since adequate family help is essential for the person. It is a multidisciplinary program that provides the best results.

alcohol rehab and detox marbella